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“PenAir” comes with excellent features.
Designed for ease and perfection, it can be scaled up to your improving business environment with out any difficulty. This means that you don’t have to worry when the business volume increases. Usually when such condition occurs you will have to think about upgrading or even changing software. With “PenAir” you can carry on with your business with out any trouble at all.

Multi platform integration.

We created “PenAir” with Multi platform integration capabilities. The software is capable of integrating with multiple platforms. So you don’t have to worry about the technical details of a particular platform.

24/7 Support

It is a fact that every software needs support at one time or other, however easy and user friendly it is. The “PenAir” is supported by a group of efficient people who are real professionals. They are there for you to ask questions, clear doubts, and get guidance from. They are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So rest assured that you would not be left behind feeling frustrated when a problem occurs.

Comprehensive documentation

“PenAir” comes with full technical documentation. The documentation presents all details in a simple and easy to understand language. Step by step it describes all the topics so that it easy to follow by every body.


The tutorials explain each and every Screen so that the user will be able to start working immediately. The tutorials will describe about each item on the screen and why it is needed. Then it provides the course of action for the user to take. It also gives warnings and explains about the actions, which the user should not do. Thus the tutorials help the user to deal the software professionally with in a short time and get results with out frustration.

Exceptional Services

Our Service starts with your enquiry onwards. You will get a clear understanding of the software and details of implementation at the enquiry itself. When you implement the software in your office, our technical people will guide you through the operations of software. Then during the routine operations if any problem arises the service personals will attend you immediately.
So altogether you will have a tension free time and at the same time the software will be giving an efficient and effective service to your travel business

High Quality

Professionals who had a lot of experience in the travel business designed this software. They are very much well informed about the problems faced by the industry. They have experience in solving it also. We used their expertise and knowledge for the design and creation of “PenAir”. A panel of IT experts developed this software using state-of-the-art technology. Severe tests were conducted to make the system error free and guarantee the quality of the Software. 

A complete Travel Back office Solution - PenAir

Featured Functions:
  • Multi GDS Integration ( GALILEO ,SABRE, AMADEUS, WORLDSPAN, Fairlogix).
  • XML /web service integration facility.
  • Retail or package booking for Air, Car, Hotel, Tour, Cruise, Transfers , Insurance etc.
  • Fully integrated Finance software with Profit centre and Costing Modules.
  • Automatic ATOL determination based on customer profile.
  • Automatic service charge based on customer profile.
  • Dynamic invoice message based on customer, supplier, Airlines , destination etc.
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) booking on Web.
  • Email, SMS, e-FAX or Email to Post your e tickets, Invoices , Hotel voucher etc.
  • Integrated Document Management (to provide you a Paperless Office).
  • Microsoft Outlook style Inbox and Reminders for your Daily tasks.
  • BSP Manual and Automatic Reconciliation.
  • ATOL module with an option for estimation.
  • Branch and Business Area Accounting.
  • Sub-Agent management and Agent on Web Modules.
  • Role based authorisation structure and reports.
  • Automatic Backup and standby disaster recovery servers.
  • Choice of local or hosted models, perfect for remote workers.
  • Automatic booking creation from GDS to Auto invoicing.
  • VOIP integrated CRM to have your office on Move.
  • Post code lookup with street map integration.
  • Destination and embassy information based on booking.
  • Integrated Electronic PDQ and Credit Card reconciliations modules.
  • Booking on web with Customer payment Gateway.
  • Staff commission and affiliate commission module.
  • Multi currency accounting with both Local and Home currency reporting.
  • Email marketing module.
  • Professional support team on chat, email, telephone and remote assistance over web.
  • Automatic posting for BSP booking based on Customer card or Company credit card.
  • Credit card reconciliation module.
  • Workflow based menus for common transactions.
  • Corporate booking module and employee /cost centre specific reports.
  • Detail hotel booking module from inventory or GDS with commission due calculation.
  • Auto folder, Auto invoicing , Auto ticketing, Auto emailing.
  • 3D secure Epay option by email.

          ...and many more..............!!!